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We'll be doing a lot of cool projects, all to get more hands-on experience in different areas of security.

We'll be documenting these as well as blogging and making video's to share with the industry.

Ideally, this would be a great platform to expand the basic project and do something that could be presented at a security conference.

Lets learn but think outside the box!

Ideas are welcome.

This group will build a GPU password cracker from scratch. A password cracker made with multiple video cards multiplies how fast a password can be cracked. We will build, deploy, and create mini projects & use cases for this password cracker.

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This group will explore the interworkings of mobile devices with respect to identifying vulnerabilities and exploits using a variety of open source and industry tools.

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We'll do live vulnerability assessments and pentests

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This is a project to identify what measures malicious users can take to deceive someone using social engineering. We'll create a sockpuppet to the fullest extent we can, then we wait. We'll collect data to analyze and make some assessments. What else can we do with this?

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Let's explore social engineering techniques using an usb rubber ducky

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Build a canteena. Practice wifi pentesting via wardriving and home wifi router.

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