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Joining the Cybersecurity Revolution: What it Means, Where the Jobs Are, How You Can Join

Friday, December 14, 2012  
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“Women Talk Tech”



In the evolution of Information Technology, one of the fastest growing sectors is Cybersecurity.  The employment opportunities in Cybersecurity are available to IT experts at all levels – from entry to senior level.  These  jobs range across all aspects of IT – Big Data, Cloud Computing, Social Media, Mobile Devices – and all industries including Government, Finance, Software and Hardware developers to any business with an online presence or a server.   So exactly how do women working in IT make the move into Cybersecurity?

Lisa Foreman, Founder and CEO, of the Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu, is a leading expert in the field of Cybersecurity.  In this webinar, Lisa will provide information on exactly what Cybersecurity means, what types of jobs are currently available and she will explain how you can get the training to join this field at any level.   This talk is perfect for students who seek to understand what the opportunities are in Cybersecurity and also provide strategies for career women who are seeking to enter this field.  In addition, this program will enable you to understand how cyber security is impacting your organization.  This program will conclude with a set of solid actions that anyone interested in Cybersecurity can take to make Cybersecurity their career focus.

Presentation available here.