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Thank you for your interest in forming a Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu chapter in your community.  We look forward to working with all of our national chapters to develop a strong and positive professional experience. We know that starting and running a chapter may seem like a daunting task but know you are not alone in this process and have support every step of the way. You are taking a big step in helping build the pipeline of talented, skilled cyber professionals and helping advance women in security careers. 

Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu (WSC) is a 501c(3) national non-profit community, founded in 2012, passionate about helping and empowering women to succeed in the cybersecurity field, by providing her with the tools needed including, mentoring by professionals currently working and succeeding in the field as well as access to affordable training and nationwide networking opportunities.

We are a membership-driven organization with global based membership. We provide top-notch hands-on cybersecurity and STEM training to both women and girls, respectively. Through our programs, we offer informal mentorship and networking opportunities for participants.


Mission Statement

Our primary purpose and mission is to advance women and girls in Cybersecurity by providing programs and partnerships that promote education, workshops, networking events, mentorship, resource sharing, and professional opportunities.


Chapter Ideology/Purpose

  • Increase WSC community and network to provide local opportunities to members.

  • Connect members with community at-large including commercial, government, and academia.

  • Offer opportunities for members to strengthen relationships with other members

  • Create opportunities for members to receive CPE’s while contributing to the cybersecurity community

  • Provide continued value in membership and member experiences

  • Advocate towards increasing the number of women (and girls) in the field.

  • Position chapter to open and provide pathways for the younger generation to pursue cybersecurity

Chapter Benefits - Why Start a Chapter

  • National chapter recognition giving exposure and inclusion in local community/industry

  • Chapter representation at the National Governing Body Board, providing input on national programming strategy.

  • Access to our 501c3 status gives eligibility to public/private grants; discounts on goods and services; liability insurance coverage; and, tax exemption.

  • Opportunities to partner and network with local companies, organizations and associations on industry events.

  • Members of the leadership team you have the opportunity to hone leadership skills, build professional brand as a WSC leader, network with various leaders in the cyber and tech community, as well as many other benefits

  • Full autonomy to run chapter (within certain guidelines) and decision-making authority, limiting “ red tape”

  • Financial assistance for chapter launch

  • Complimentary chapter website (no need to create a new website)

  • Chapter recognition awards

  • Access to support staff and resources

  • Build relationships with current and potential members - exchanging knowledge, skills, and connections.

  • Access to events at a discounted rate.

  • Gain new skills and CPE’s from:

    • attending and/or teaching workshops

    • speaking
    • participating in community outreach events

    • volunteering in chapter events

In order to start a chapter, you must:

  • be an active member in good standing.

  • be a local resident.

  • have experience in a leadership capacity, with the ability to manage people and teams

  • no previous convictions of criminal activity or conduct

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